2.075 just a saturday

Saturday 02/20/2021

Went for a moderate walk in the morning. Meant to stop at Mme. Collette’s for a pastry as a change from the farmer’s market. However, they had a sign on the door, “sorry no pastries – power out at bakery”. Well, so continue walking to the farmer’s market and force myself to make do with a chocolate hazelnut swirl, darn it.

At some point I sprayed clear on four parts. Tomorrow I’ll put the second coat on them, and then it will be time to take a deep breath and spray clear on the two large pieces that comprise the body of the MG. Big pieces with lots of curves and multiple sides, and opportunities to screw up. But when they are done, final assembly will take only a couple of days. How long have I been working on… well, not so much working on, as keeping it around waiting for parts, or experimenting with paint, and fussing over — this model? Months at least.

At 2:30 was a lecture on a play. The production is Fairfield by the Pear Theater. It was recorded to video and available to subscribers for a limited time ending this weekend. The lecture was by Aldo Billingsley, one of the co-directors of the piece. So at 10am I sat down to watch the play. It was pretty funny and a pointed social satire about race relations. Billingsley is also a professor of theater arts at Santa Clara, and has a very good teaching style, warm and humorous but with lots of clever insights. He had a couple of the attendees read scenes from the play, and got the other attendees to answer questions about motivations and subtle meanings in the script.

I was not one of the people asked to read, but I’d have enjoyed it. The people who did read, enjoyed it and did very well at finding the characters and intent of the script. Which made me think, I bet reading a play would be a fun zoom activity. I wonder who to suggest that to.

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