2.074 meetings, paint

Friday 02/19/2021

Went for the standard walk. After that there wasn’t much to do before I was to meet with Marcia at 10am. Turned out, what was on Marcia’s mind was to invite me to be one of two residents on the Strategic Planning committee. I agreed, and later she sent me a flurry of PDFs of various background documents: the previous (2015-2019) Strategic Plan, a 2019 Technical Strategic Plan, and a couple of other things to consider. I skimmed them and made a bunch of notes.

A Facilities guy came and finished the plaster work in my closet. He’ll come back Monday and paint it.

I painted too. I put a second clear coat on the pieces I was working on earlier. I used my new favorite abrasive, 2500-grit sandpaper, to wet sand a couple of other pieces, which revealed that on those pieces, more red color was needed, So I sprayed them with the red. Tomorrow I will put clear on them.

In Rhonda’s 4pm open meeting, she had announcements of reduced restrictions. Taking into account the declining cases in Santa Clara County (she thinks we will be out of the Purple Tier into the Red with a week) and our vaccinations, they have decided we can have up to 15 people in the penthouse, and they may now gather four to a table to play games or do puzzles. We can visit other people’s apartments, and so on. Always masked of course and 6 feet apart when practical, with four people at a card table as an exception.

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