2.073 plaster, white fly

Thursday 02/18/2021

After Veronica’s cardio, I had not much to do. I tidied the apartment so it would be neat for Wanda’s housekeeping round in the afternoon. While watering the plants I noticed that one of the two fuscias was budding out nicely, and also was developing a nice crop of those nasty little white flies.

At 1:30pm I took the car out and got it washed for the first time in weeks. Amazing how dirty a car can still get, sitting in an underground garage. Then to the nursery to by a spray bottle of insecticidal soap. Back home, apartment all tidy. I sprayed the leaves of the fuscia.

The facilities guy had been in and had done most of what I wanted. The biggest job was where there were some gouges in the plaster where the old closet fixtures had been demo’d. He had plastered them nicely and put up blue tape saying “still wet”. So what did I do? Without a second thought I reached out and touched the plaster, making two nice fingerprints in the soft stuff. I leveled it out as best I could but I will need to sand it when it dries. Before the guy comes back to paint it.

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