2.077 facilities, paint

Wednesday 02/17/2021

Early the facilities shop called, could they send someone to evaluate the work I wanted done? Of course, I’ll be back from my walk by 9:30. Then, to make sure that was true, I cut my walk some short. Later on Fernando came by and we talked about the simple fixes I want done. Basically, clean up some raw edged that were left when the closets were remodeled.

I sprayed some clear coat on some parts, with pretty good results.

Two things I’ve had to learn this past few days. One, dust control. I wiped down the little spray booth with a wet rag, run the fan and spritz it with my plant atomizer a few minutes before painting. Two, thinning the paint. From the internet I learned that a major cause of orange peel is simply that the droplets in the atomized spray are tiny, and their thinner evaporates during the 4-inch trip from airbrush to surface. The cure is to add more thinner, so the droplets arrive at the surface wet, and have time to self-level before they dry. That means moving the spray more slowly or holding it closer. There is a complex function between speed of moving the spray, amount of thinner, and distance from the surface.

After painting these parts I had to pack up the spray stuff, compressor, booth, gloves, mask, and move it from the bathroom to the porch. I don’t want Wanda being confused by all this stuff in the bathroom when she’s cleaning.

There was a lecture at 3pm, but it didn’t hold my interest. So that was about it for the day.

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