2.076 meeting, FOPAL

Tuesday 02/16/2021

After aerobics I called Facilities again. I am trying to get some old maintenance taken care of, since Facilities is supposedly back up to full staff and no longer dealing with relocating the 3rd and 4th floor campers. Not a satisfactory call. Not sure when, or if, anyone is coming.

At 11 it was the writers’ group. Connie had asked us to write about our meal practices, eating alone in our rooms. I was surprised how many of my neighbors go to the trouble of taking the food out of the green plastic clamshell serving containers and putting it on plates. And warming the plates in the microwave, and setting a table. Pffft. I just put the green plastic compartmented tray (kind of like an airline meal tray, but larger) on the table and dig in. I wrote about my meal-time entertainment, that is, my favorite YouTube creators.

Right after lunch I headed out to FOPAL, where I processed several boxes of books, pricing a dozen or so, finding a couple of high-value ones, and moving three or four boxes to the reject table.

From there I drove to Safeway in Menlo Park, that one instead of the one on Middlefield which would be more on my way, because I know the big one has Coke in the mini size cans.

That was about the day. Evening our in house movie savant, Rob, had sponsored a showing of The Awful Truth, a “screwball comedy”. I dropped in, watched five minutes, was not amused, and dropped out.

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