2.075 teeth, SWBB

Monday 02/15/2021

Went for the usual walk in the morning. Met briefly with Eva to answer a question about her Mac. Some questions about Mail, which I don’t use or understand, but I have a book about it, which I sent to her later. If she reads it she might be more of an expert than I.

At 1pm I took my pre-med for my dental appointment, and an hour later I walked to the dentist office, a whole five minutes away. I had expected this to be a fairly lengthy and perhaps painful hygiene, since it was my first since, I think, late 2019. However, the hygienist was quite pleased, not much plaque and done in twenty minutes.

I put a second coat of color on those four MG parts which came out quite smooth. Next up, clear coat.

Today there was supposed to be a Stanford Women’s game against Oregon on ESPN2 at 4pm. But around 2pm I got an email from Stanford saying there was a change of time. In fact the game was now on ESPN (not ESPN2) at 6pm, not 4. Stanford appeared to have the game in hand, running out a 15-point lead early in the 2nd quarter. And then Oregon tightened up their defense, ran off a 10-0 run, and made it a close game. It stayed close all through the second half, with Oregon taking a small lead with 2 minutes to go. Stanford was ahead by 2 with seconds left and Oregon with the ball. The Oregon point guard made an unforced error and turn the ball over, and Stanford escaped with the win.

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