2.074 SF, paint

Sunday 02/14/2021

I had finished watering the plants and reading the paper and doing the Sunday crossword and it was 9am. What shall I do this morning? I decided to drive to SF, walk in Golden Gate Park, and return. Which I did: drove up into the Park, stopped more or less at random next to the fake waterfall at the Portals of the Past, and walked for a mile or a bit more. There is now a “disk golf” course through the forest there, so I watched people sending frisbees for amazing distances between the trees.

I started back on Sunset Boulevard and around Pacheco street I noticed the marquees of a farmers’ market. Well why not, so I came around a few blocks, found parking, and walked the three block length of it. Then continued home, arriving back in the garage with about 15 minutes to spare for the lunchtime tray delivery.

Later I sprayed four little parts of the MG and they came out well.

These four parts, the left and right outer door panels and the left and right sides of the petrol tank, have been painted, and stripped, and painted, and stripped, while I’m trying to figure out how to get a decent coat of paint out of the airbrush. This time they look pretty good, especially the doors. There is an obvious zit on one tank panel and some smaller ones in the middle door. I will sand those very lightly before doing one more coat. If that comes out OK, it will finally be time to try applying clear coat.

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