2.073 delivery, tech, SWBB

Saturday 02/13/2021

An early start to the day. Yesterday I had noted that volunteers were being slow signing up on the new meal delivery sheet, and there was an open slot for Saturday breakfast. At 8pm I signed myself up to fill the gap. (By this evening all the remaining open slots had been filled.) So at 7:20 I had to head downstairs and delivered three meal carts. Michele, who anybody who didn’t know her would call “frail”, stoutly informed me I needn’t have bothered, she and one other person can do the job just fine.

After that I worked on two different projects. One involved going through my estate planning documents and framing a question or two for the upcoming annual meeting with the financial advisors. The other was the perennial problem of getting a good coat with the air-brush. In the course of this I managed to get two tiny dots of cherry-red paint on my jeans. Unfortunately they are not blue jeans but tan ones, so the red dots show. They are very tiny red dots but they don’t come out and I will have to replace the jeans. However, I think I have the painting problems resolved and will try painting actual parts tomorrow.

Following lunch I sat with Doctor Margaret while we tried to get her new iPad loaded from her old iPad. That was quite painless, actually, the two devices had a side chat through Bluetooth, and that was that. Except for the iCloud business. We just couldn’t get her iCloud, or Apple ID, password resolved properly across all her iDevices. Eventually we had the old and new iPads, her Macbook, and her iPhone, all layed out on a table in the lounge, and among them three of them agreed but the Macbook was frozen out. It kept saying, authorize on one of your other devices, but none of the devices on the table were showing an Apple ID authorization message.

I think in hindsight what was happening was that there was one other device: her prior Macbook, now long recycled, still shows up as an authorized device. I betcha iCloud was sending the authorization message to it.

At 6pm Stanford played Oregon State. This game had been rescheduled and was not on any of the PAC-12 channels. Stanford had supplied a link to an Oregon State live stream, which started out with no audio but a minute after play began, it suddenly had audio and an announcer. The Beavers who, because of various Covid cancellations, have only played 12 games this season, to Stanford’s 20, were unexpectedly feisty and the game was tied after the first half. Apparently Tara’s half-time talk was unusually effective because Stanford took over in the second half and finished the game up nearly 30 points.

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