2.060 walking, lab, hardware

Sunday 01/31/2021

Did the usual Sunday things. Well, watering the plants is pretty easy this time of year, with everything cut back or half dormant. Stick in the meter, say “you’re fine”, move on.

In the bathroom, on the spur of the moment, I decided to take the fecal sample for the FIT test that I was given back on Wednesday (2.056). Then I would, for my morning walk, walk the sample up to PAMF and turn it in at the lab. Haha. The lab in the PAMF main building isn’t open on Sunday.

The sample says turn it in in 24 hours. Lab will be open at 6:30 tomorrow. 24 hours will be about 8am. Oh-kayyyy I guess I need to walk early tomorrow.

Later in the day, preparing for the arrival of the lighting strip for my spray box (which Amazon says will arrive today), I checked my tool box and inventoried my electrical stuff and realized I don’t have any butt connectors or wire nuts. So for a second walk, I went to Ace Hardware and went right inside and search for stuff. Got what I needed. Getting very bold as a vaccinated person, although my two weeks aren’t up until Tuesday.

In the afternoon, I wrote a piece for the writers’ group, based on the prompt, “…choose a person whom you find rewarding to think about. … This might be someone who guided you at a certain time, or who taught you.” I’ll put it here on Tuesday after I read it there.

The lighting strip package was delivered but only after 6pm. I’ll work on that tomorrow. After my early walk.

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