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Monday 02/02/2021

Out the door at 7:15 to walk my fecal sample to PAMF. So my morning walk out of the way before 8:30.

I spent some time today organizing the list of things that I intend to do starting tomorrow, the 14th day after my 2nd vaccine shot. Several of them took planning. One was, scheduling the car for service. I could have set the “60K mile service) up on the Toyota Palo Alto website, but I wanted something extra, so I called them up. Spoke to a service writer named Tony and asked, “Do you install catalytic converter anti-theft plates?” That item was not on the website. “Sure do,” says Tony, so I booked that, for Thursday.

I want to get back to managing the Computer section at FOPAL so I sent an email to Janette, the manager, CC my stand-in Chuck. Got emails back from both later. My section can be worked Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings, under their plan to minimize people in the space. Probably won’t go this week, as I also need a pass card for their new door locks, which Janette is mailing to me.

I booked teeth cleaning a couple days ago, for next week. But I would also like a full eye exam; I think it is time to update my prescription. As near as I can tell from my history at PAMF, it was 2011 when I did that last. But I don’t really trust their website. There’s another “opthalmology” item from 2017 but it doesn’t say it was an exam.

Anyway, it appears that PAMF no longer has its eye clinic that it used to run down on Mathilda avenue. And there is no way to make a specific appointment for an exam, using the MyHealth website. I need to follow this up through my PCP, I think.

I also wrote humbly to my cardio, Dibiase, saying that since I started taking my BP in the recommended way (sit erect with my arm supported on a table), I am getting much lower readings. I gave her the average and max values, and said that I had accordingly not implemented her suggestion to add a third Metoprolol pill per day.

My 13-inch LED light bar arrived from Amazon and I spent an hour installing it in the spray box. Here is how it looks. Note the color difference from the bathroom lighting.

Need to tape those dangling wires down.

This worked out very well because the box has a 12-volt supply. All I had to do was tap into it, bring the wires out to the front, and connect them to the light bar.

My neighbor Doctor Margaret writes she has found yet another series of English canal boat shows on Prime video. So now I’ll watch one. Hope its as good as Travels by Narrowboat, which I have used up.

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