2.059 tinkering, birds

Saturday 01/30/2021

I moved my little spray booth (see Day 1.279) back indoors, to the bathroom, which is a practical location in most ways. I sprayed a little more test clear coat, verifying a failure really. But I became very aware of a problem: because of the location of the lights in the bathroom, there is a shadow in the spray box. I need to keep the work inside the open front of the box so the fan will pull the overspray into the filter. But that puts it in shadow, which means I can’t well see the color or density of the spray I’m laying down.

Obviously the booth needs a light. “LED strip” I thought, and went to Amazon, and found a 14-inch by 1-inch, 12-volt LED light bar. It will fit perfectly under the front top of the box. All I will have to do is get 12 volts to it. The box itself runs on 12v from a wall adapter. So all I have to do is open up the box and find where the 12v wires are, tap into them, extend them to the front and connect to the light bar which arrives tomorrow.

That turned out to not be as easy as one might think. The back end of the spray box containing a fan and a filter and the switch with the 12v supply, turned out to be quite difficult to open up. But half an hour of unscrewing things and swearing did the job. So tomorrow I’ll have the fun of modding the box with a light bar.

Other than that not much happened. On my walks I saw two birds, I’ll put pictures of them here.

Redtail hawk in Heritage park
giving me the “who you lookin at” glare before flying off

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