1.279 party, pizza, airbrush

Saturday 9/5/2020

Pleasant early morning. The air was still cool-ish, around 70, at 9am, despite dire warnings of very hot heat to come this weekend (eventually it got up toward 90 in late afternoon). So I took a walk to Midtown, had coke and a cookie, and walked back.

The joystick I ordered from eBay arrived yesterday. I spent an hour trying it out with Vendetta, tinkering with the settings. I’m sure I remember being quite competent at killing ‘bots with it just a few years ago, but I seem to be back at the lower slopes of the learning curve now.

Then I thought, oh right, I downloaded a flight simulator, X-Plane. Since the new MS Flight Simulator isn’t available to me. So let’s try that with the joystick. Splat. Try to launch it; it crashes because it can’t find libfmod.dylib. What is this, the 90s? Search around. That’s part of some sound package called FMod. Why don’t they say they have a dependency? Fmod.com wants me to register before I download. Thank you I don’t care to register, especially when I doubt I need your whole package, only one stupid library. Find an X-Plane user forum and post a question.

In other news, the airbrush arrived in yesterday’s mail. Today arrived the compressor, a cute little thing half the size of a shoebox, and my cute wittle spray booth. It unfolds from a flat case like origami to make an open front box a bit bigger than a breadbox, with a filter and a fan at the back and a nice little turntable. Tomorrow I will read the manuals for all three products and I will be all set to start spray painting models.

One of my 6th floor neighbors, Patty, had a birthday, and our floor rep Jerry declared a zoom party for her. Thankfully we didn’t try to sing the song. Just chatted for an hour. Coincidentally Patty and I had agreed to go out for pizza tonight. I had the pizza delivered; we met it at the front door and walked three blocks to a park, and ate well-separated by the length of a park bench.

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