2.055 music, meetings

Tuesday 01/26/2021

After morning aerobics it was time for the first monthly jazz lecture/concert by Stephanie and Paolo. After the series I’d enjoyed last month, I supported their patreon account and so now get a new concert every month. I would love to share the concert video here, but it is private to their paying supporters. Although I betcha some of their fans do share the URL (it’s just a YouTube link, not protected in any way), and you know? That’s fine. They’ll get more exposure. But it would be over the top to share the URL in a public blog like this, with my 3s of readers.

That took until well past 10 and I wanted to go to the meal delivery safety meeting at 11:45, so I didn’t zoom to the writers’ meeting. I video’d the safety meeting, all 6 minutes of it, with the iPhone, getting much better sound than with the Nikon. I also video’d the final one at 4:45pm, and probably Thursday I will edit the bits together to make a smooth piece.

In between I did some organizing. An Amazon order arrived yesterday with manila folders, so I could do some tidying of my tax files, and also my collection of papers related to Resident Association Treasurer. That took all of 10 minutes. I did some minor experiments with clear paints. I actually think applying the paint with a brush will work best and fastest for small parts. Larger parts and curved parts need the spray and I’m still working on that.

In the evening a proper storm has moved in and wind is swooshing around my corner windows and causing things elsewhere in the building to bang and clang at odd times. Oooh and my lamp just flickered very briefly…

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