2.054 doofus, meeting

Monday 01/25/2021

Today I had set up an appointment to have blood drawn at PAMF. I used to drive to the PAMF office in Los Altos and just walk in and stand in line at 7:30am. But now one has to get an appointment, and the nearest location they offer is Sunnyvale. So I eat my usual breakfast and drive most of the way to the lab in Sunnyvale and remember, oops, I am supposed to be fasting. Shall I proceed and lie, or shall I bail and reschedule.

Not knowing how sensitive the stupid cholesterol test is to recent food consumption, I decide to bail. I pull off El Camino and go to the MyHealth app on the phone. (The Sutter Health MyHealth app, not the MyHealth app provided by Stanford Hospitals.) It proves to be very easy to reschedule a lab appointment, which I do for Wednesday morning. And drive home.

Before lunch and supper are two of the four scheduled safety talks that staff wants as part of their response to a minor accident among the food delivery volunteers. I attend. Matt from Sodexo does a nice job, presenting reasonable advice on properly handling the heavy carts in five minutes or so. I take some video using my Nikon, but unfortunately the Nikon’s built-in mic is not up to the task. So tomorrow I shall take more video using the iPhone.

I had asked Dr. Julia if I could take an FIT test as an alternative to the colonoscopy that I am a year overdue for. She agreed and sent me the kit, which arrived yesterday. This morning I used it, picking up a sample on the little plastic tool and mailing it off to the lab. Hopefully it will be negative and I can forget about colonoscopies.

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