2.056 labs, laundry, SWBB

Wednesday, 01/27/2021

First thing I drove to Sunnyvale to give blood for lab work.

I stopped on the way to fill the Prius gas tank. When I went to record the amount in my log book, I had to draw a line to mark the start of the year 2021. It was only five rows below the line for 2020. I filled up the tank five times in the plague year.

At the lab, the receptionist looked at my record and said, you have two sets of orders here, Doctor Marx and Doctor DiBiase. Well, I did the labs for Marx (see day 1.358, 11/24/20) except I had to skip the cholesterol test, so I guess that was still open. Then DiBiase had put in a blood panel, liver function, and another cholesterol.

The receptionist also said, you have a fecal test here, too. I said, yeah, I just mailed that in. He said, oh no, it will disappear, you need to bring those in by hand. What? said I; I followed the instructions on the package exactly, wrote the date, put it in the special return envelope, and mailed it. Yeah, he said, and they never arrive; I’ll make you up another one. And a few minutes later, while the tech was drawing my blood, he came through the lab and handed me a new FIT test kit. This is weird.

Back at the shop I did the laundry. I also tinkered a bit with brushing clear coat on the MG. Not sure about it but getting rather impatient with the whole process.

At 6:30 we had a SWBB game, Stanford at WSU. It looked like a runaway; Stanford just jammed the Cougar’s gears with defense while running the score from 13-9 up to 29-9, and at one point had more than a 30-point lead. But the Cougs worked their way back to only a 15-point deficit before the end. This game was a make-up of one that was Covid-delayed earlier. They play again on Sunday, and probably WSU will be harder to beat then.

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