2.047 vaccines

Monday 01/18/2021

Started my usual walk more promptly than usual, at 8am, so as to be sure to be back in good time. At 10am, we who volunteered to help with the vaccine clinic met for orientation. I and my neighbor Steve were given radios and dispatched to the 2nd floor at 11am. Periodically over the next hour a person in the lobby would radio us and say, send down three more. We knocked on people’s doors and sent them down to the lobby to get vaccinated. Reminded them to carry the vaccination card they got with the first dose.

By 12 our parts were done and we handed off the radios to other volunteers to do the fifth floor. I believe the clinic went very smoothly this time, not the drama and delay of the first one.

That was the excitement for the day, I didn’t do much else. Burned through some TV off the DVR. On Masterpiece, Miss Scarlet & the Duke series. Tried it; got bored. Too obvious and melodramatic. Nature, on the Alps. The voice-over was just such heavy, over-dramatic, purple prose I couldn’t stand it. Another delete. Back to Netflix tomorrow.

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