2.048 vaccine

Tuesday 01/19/2021

Got my shot. After the cardio class, I sat around sanding the clear coat on the three MG parts that I sprayed with the Tamiya can, reducing the wrinkles and craters. And of course managed to sand through the clear and the color on a couple of edges, so there’ll be touch-up to do.

At 11:15 I was called to go downstairs. Got the shot. Decided not to go late into the writers’ group zoom. After lunch I took a nap, and a moderate walk. Filled out my menu for next week and dropped it off. That was about it for excitement.

I was very impressed by the first real public action by Biden/Harris,

Simple, effective, touching. I wonder who actually planned that? Nice design. Okay, totally meaningless in any practical sense, but the presidency is not always about practicality. Symbols mean something. A serene, quiet, symbolic action is the exact opposite of the preceding administration.

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