2.046 HMB, SWBB, paint

Sunday 01/17/2021

In the winter, the plants don’t need much water (big discovery). But my daphne is almost in bloom. Its buds have opened very slowly over a couple of weeks but one is finally showing color.

About 9 I got in the car and on a whim, drove to Half Moon Bay. There I just walked up and down the length of the main street. There are still a lot of shops although only the deli and coffee shops were open at this early hour. I got back home by 11, just in time for the Stanford Women against Colorado. Colorado played like it was their last game on earth, and with 30 seconds to play the game was tied. Then Stanford got a score, so up by 2. There was a turnover and Stanford had the ball, with a lead, and a few seconds on the clock. All they had to do was inbound the ball and run the clock out. Unfortunately for them, a Colorado player anticipated their inbounds pass perfectly, stole the ball, down the court for a layup; tie game; overtime. And in overtime, Stanford lost by two points, 75-77. Their first loss of the season; they are now 11-1.

In the afternoon I experimented with clear-coat spray on pieces of the MG with highly unsatisfactory results. Despite all I can do for cleanliness, tiny craters open up in the finish.

The orange peel is undesirable but could be sanded out, except that the very last thing I want to do, is to to have to sand every tiny piece of this car. The most important pieces have convex and concave curvatures, etc. But those scattered little dimples? They are openings in the coat, and if you sand them out, you’ve basically removed the clearcoat.

I have ordered a different brand of gloss clear acrylic, a liquid meant for use in an air brush. I am giving up on the rattle-can clear by Tamiya, even though reviewers said it was the best.

Yesterday and today I did some writing on an essay for the writers’ group but the way it came out, it isn’t really appropriate for them. Or anyone.

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