2.032 easy Sunday, COVID

Sunday 01/03/2021

I slept almost to 7am, unusual for me. After reading the paper I decided for once I’d be early enough at the Baylands to park, and was down there looking for parking at 8:35. There were a couple of open spots. That hour, there were more joggers than casual walkers. I walked for an hour.

I returned via California Avenue where I parked such that I could access one of the bakery stands without passing many people. I bought an almond croissant and left to enjoy it at home.

That was about it for the day. At 3pm I watched the Stanford Women have a harder time than they should have had, putting away ASU. They let the Sun Devils come within three points in the third quarter before pulling away again to win by a dozen.

Oh. Yes. There was news, in the form of an email about noon, quote,

This is to notify you that we have three staff members and three Lee Center residents who have tested positive for Covid-19. We are issuing a close contact advisory to Assisted Living and a general exposure notice to Skilled Nursing residents and staff. For Independent Living residents and staff, this is a courtesy notice, as there was no known contact at Channing House with these individuals.

Our Covid-positive residents are being moved to the Covid wing today where they will be under the constant care of our nursing team. Responsible parties for these residents have been contacted.

Almost weekly we get staff with a positive test, but the last three times, the staff person(s) have not had contact with residents. Now, and for the second time, some staff members in the SNF/AL side brought the virus in and given it to residents. The previous time (I think it was August or September?) there were four residents infected, and two died.

The virus is out there in the community at large, and so are our staff, out there circulating in their communities. It isn’t as if they didn’t know; there must have been 25 or 30 staff members (more probably) who have had 10-day home-stay vacations after positive tests. Every staff member has to be aware of, indeed must have worked alongside, somebody who got infected and had to isolate. But they keep coming in, infected.

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