2.031 model, new lens

Saturday 01/02/2021

I decided to go for a longish walk, wrapping around (as planned last week also) to the farmer’s market for a yummy pastry. I went four miles and ended up at the proper place, but again, no market. It’s the real year, how come no market? Sad.

I finished futzing with the dashboard of the model. Here is how it looks (sorry, a little out of focus) when held in the body where it will live eventually.

That “chrome” paint around the two big dials is crap, I gotta work on that. I had some “transparent red” paint and just two tiny drops on the chrome panel looks perfect, just like red jewel lights on the real thing. What you might ask, is that black hole on the left? I do not know. It’s in the model and the model directions, but every MG TC that I find online (and there are dozens) has a chrome passenger hand-hold at that point. Not a chrome-ringed black circle.

Later in the day I got a package from eBay. A couple weeks ago, trying to photograph Jupiter and Saturn, I was frustrated with my lens. Not enough telephoto. I found a used, Nikon 500mm mirror lens on eBay at a reasonable price and bought it. Here is a picture I took with it just before sundown.

Again, fading light on a hazy day. But hold up your thumb at arm’s length; that’s how big Hoover Tower looks from the roof of Channing House. And The Dish is a couple of miles beyond it.

The Nikon lens came in the original black cylindrical leather case. Unfortunately the leather has badly dried out with lots of fine cracks and some chips out of the edges. Not to worry, I googled “restore cracked leather” and it isn’t that hard to do. I ordered some stuff and will restore this vintage (not that old, maybe 10 years?) leather case. Oh boy another project.

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