2.033 rain, neighbor, writing

Monday 01/04/2021

Checked the radar image on weather underground. Just at 8:30, we were coming out of one band of rain, and the next was well off-shore, so I headed out for the usual walk. At the end of it, I stopped at the CVS on University, because a neighbor had asked for a favor.

They don’t get out that much, and his wife wanted a particular brand of eyewash, “TheraTears Sterilid Eyelid scrub”. Paul hadn’t been able to find it online. In fact it looked as if the version she wanted to replace, was being phased out in favor of an “antimicrobial” version. But he thought CVS might have some on the shelf.

CVS on University didn’t, but while I was in the store, I pulled out my phone and went to cvs.com where you can actually check stock on an item. As I showed Paul later, of the 20 or so stores in range of our zipcode, every one showed “Out of Stock” with a single exception. The CVS in Midtown, a mile down Middlefield, had “Low Stock”. So I finished my walk, got in the car, and drove down to that store. There were two bottles of the stuff on the shelf, next to the new antimicrobial kind, so I grabbed both.

After lunch I began to think about tomorrow’s Writers’ Group. I really should produce something, I’ve skipped a couple. The cue is, “A conversation with the Roman god Janus”. After reading the Wikipedia entry for Janus I put together a nice opening paragraph or two that got me into the conversation, then stuck. Well no problem, I’ll have all morning. But a check of my calendar and, damn, I have the third and last lecture on 20th Century Piano styles by Stephanie Trick from 9 to 10, and the writers’ meet is at 11. So after supper I went back to it, and finished it some kind of fashion. If they like it I’ll post it here tomorrow.

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