2.018 outing, astronomy

Sunday 12/20/2020

After I had read the Sunday paper, watered the plants (very quick in the winter), and absolutely blitzed the NYT Sunday crossword in under 30 minutes, I wanted to Get Out And Do Something.

I used Google Maps to find local parks that had hiking and picked one I’d never been to, Wunderlicht park in Woodside. Yes, there are parks in the area we never got to. Well, this one, I still haven’t been to. You would think I would have learned my lesson by now. I rolled into the parking lot just after 10am. Small parking, under 100 spaces, and of course all full with three other cars roaming hopefully. So I’d had a nice drive up into the trees for nothing.

I continued along the back roads to the West and worked my way back down to the Baylands. So many of these roads were familiar from my bicycling days. Anyway down at the bay I found a nice space and did a one-hour walk among the mud flats and fleets of ducks.

That was about it for the day. Well, around 5:30 I took the camera, tripod, and binoculars up to the roof and tried for a picture of Saturn and Jupiter. Another guy was up there with a better telephoto lens. He was getting the planets and four of Jupiter’s moons. I could only get the planets and two moons, and it wasn’t sharp enough to be worth showing anybody.

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