2.017 masks, SWBB

Saturday 12/19/2020

In the morning I had telephone chats with Dennis and with Scott. Then I took a moderate walk ending at the bakery cart in the Farmers’ Market for a raisin spiral.

After lunch Marcia and I met to close out all the mask orders. She had received her supplies from Amazon and we put each order on its order form and carried them off to deliver them. Next I need to deposit all the checks to the Resident Association account, and when she gives me an invoice, cut a check to her. And that will end the great mask info escapade.

At 6pm it was time for SWBB. The team has been on the road, exiles from Santa Clara County, for three weeks now. If they came back they’d have to isolate for 10 days, and then wouldn’t be able to play or practice. So now they are in Los Angeles, playing USC today and UCLA Monday, and the following week at the Arizona schools. Although those games are still “TBD” on the schedule.

USC gave them a good game, pulling within single digits several times in the second half, but Stanford pulled away definitively in the late 3rd quarter and won by not quite 20. I am becoming a drooling fan-boy of the freshman, Cameron Brink, 6’5″, thin, Nordic, athletic, she blocks, shoots, and rebounds. She also fouled out of the game, so in that respect plays like a freshman. Turns out her parents were best friends of the Curry family and she grew up as a frequent visitor and honorary baby sister of Steph Curry and his brothers. So, basketball royalty.

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