2.019 meeting, SWBB, astronomy

Monday 12/21/2020

I had to hustle a little bit and start my walk at 8am because I had a zoom meeting at 10am. So of course I had forgotten to charge the iPhone, so I had to let it charge for 15 minutes, or I’d have had no podcast to listen to on the walk. Anyway, back in good time.

At 10am it was time for the FOPAL section managers’ meeting. The FOPAL board and the volunteers who have been willing to keep working through this year have done a superb job of keeping donations and sales going. They found ways to process, shelve, and sell the books without exposing people. There are by-appointment sales times for dealers, for example, where one buyer can come in and browse under the supervision of one volunteer. Their online sales via Amazon and EBay are almost normal.

At noon it was time for Stanford vs. UCLA. UCLA is ranked #10 nationally and they played like it, keeping close almost all the way. For a brief minute in the third quarter, they had a 1-point lead, which I think is the first time that Stanford has trailed in a game this season. Stanford asserted itself then and won by a dozen.

That was fine; what was not fine was that in the last 20 seconds, our senior leader and high scorer, Kiana, had what looked like a minor collision with a UCLA player, but then folded up on the floor and was clearly in pain and had to be helped off the court.

After supper I took the camera up to the roof again and photographed The Conjunction. This is a little snip from the middle of the picture. A little bit overexposed and a little bit blurred.

Saturn on the right. Jupiter and a couple of its moons on the left.

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