2.012 masks, meeting

Monday 12/14/2020

This morning I had to participate in our mask exhibit and demo from 8:30 to 10:30. I stood near the exhibit and chatted with people along with Alice, filling in for Marcia who had a 9am meeting.

At 10:20 we gave it up. During the Resident Association meeting we were about 7th on the agenda and summarized what we’d done. Which isn’t much really, although we hear that staff liked our display and will find a place to display it for a while.

After lunch I went for a walk on the jogging route (3.7mi). And that was about all the excitement for the day. Watching another episode of His Dark Materials (that’s a really well-produced series, much better and closer to the books than the movie (The Golden Compass, 2007); and then to bed early to read.

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