2.013 nickerty shit, SWBB

Tuesday 12/15/2020

Did the aerobics class at 7:30. Then, after a relaxing read of the internet, I embarked on my plan, to deal with a bunch of nickerty shit that had accumulated on my desk. “Nickerty shit” was a phrase I learned many years ago from John Snow. It means just what it sounds like: annoying little tasks too small to justify an individual time slot, but too large to ignore forever.

Part of it was going through the half-dozen orders for mask accessories people had given us. Making a spread sheet of who wanted what and how much of what we needed to buy. Then emailing Marcia to see how much of what she had, etc. I dealt with the rest of it and was rewarded by a clean desk and less clutter on my coffee table.

I went for a shortish walk in the afternoon (2.5 mi. for the day). Then it was time for SWBB, playing at Stockton against UOP. Two hours before the game I discovered, oh, it’s not just being streamed, it’s on ESPN2. Well, of course, because this was the game that, if won, would make Tara the winningest coach in women’s basketball. The team started a bit sluggish, and UOP started strong, so although Stanford led from the start, UOP got within 4 points in the second quarter before Stanford pulled away again, eventually winning by 40+. There were video clips from famous people complimenting Tara and lots of general hoopla.

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