2.011 rain, model, SWBB

Sunday 12/13/2020

The first real rain of the year arrived. Last winter, when rain prevented exercise, I would go and run on a treadmill in the gym in the basement. Winters before, a treadmill at the YMCA. The gym has been closed since March, as I suppose the Y is also. So when can I walk? I loaded up the live radar map from wunderground.com and watched the progress of the green pixels. Pretty clearly by lunchtime the precip. would be over, and it was. So I took a 3-mile walk then, and got misted on lightly.

I carefully touched up tiny holes in the red paint on the MG model. One panel, the left side of the bonnet, really needed to be resprayed; the sanding had exposed too many flaws. So I got out the spray gun and it barfed on me. This is something air brushes do, for reasons I don’t fully understand, but you hit the button and the air comes back through the paint reservoir and spatters your hand and anything else. The only cure is to take the brush apart and clean it (revealing nothing) and then it will be fine. Which it was, and 10 seconds of spraying recoated the one panel and that was that. All the painted parts are ready to be coated with clear. Which I am afraid to do. I will wait for a warmer day, anyway.

After supper I sat down to watch Stanford play Cal, to give Tara career win #1098, to tie Pat Summit. The game was a romp; Cal’s team is depleted and inexperienced and Stanford’s defense held them to 15 points for the first half. One highlight was a legit dunk by Fran Belibi. She had been a Youtube sensation while in high school, when she dunked several times, but this was her first in a collegiate game. I say a legit dunk because you see that her entire hand was above the rim. There have been some women who “dunked” but theirs was more like a tip-in, the fingertips only over the rim.

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