2.008 mask and other business

Thursday 12/10/2020

Did the aerobics class. Then exchanged emails with Marcia, about two different projects. One is the request from Rhonda to rethink how the 11th floor sitters program works, with emphasis on providing what licensing agencies and health departments would call a “monitored space”. The other is of course this elaborate mask project, to provide masks to those who can’t order them, and train people in better use.

I then went for a longish walk partly to think about those things. When I was back, at 11:30, Wanda came to the door. Housekeeping has a meeting today, could she do my room at 1pm? Well, shortly after, I said, as I get my lunch about five minutes to 1. The irony is that I had booked myself to be an 11th floor sitter at 4pm, figuring that would be the time she would be in my apartment. Now I went and sat on the 11th floor from 1:30 to 2:30 anyway, against the rules (there was no sitter). And went back again at 4pm for my shift. I responded to Rhonda’s email, negatively, but with an alternate suggestion.

Marcia sent out her write-up on our meeting last night with people who like to cook. She made it into a nice proposal. We exchanged more email on how to do it, and then she sent the final version to The Powers That Be.

It feels as if I spent the day doing lots of things, but now I can’t remember them. More likely I spent large parts of the day thinking about what I needed to do, or should be doing, but not actually doing.

Watched Battlebots, my current guilty pleasure (since Naked and Afraid has gone away).

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