2.009 masks, meeting, engine

Friday 12/11/2020

First thing I had to do my part in preparing for Marcia’s mask demo, which was to get 150 copies made of our order form for masks. Kim of HR emailed she could handle it so I sent her the PDF and went on my walk.

Later in the day I worked some on the model MG, getting the engine finished and installed in the frame.

I have good reference photos of actual TC engines (the classic car auction houses publish really thorough galleries of cars for sale) and this is pretty close. The air cleaner really does lean over the rocker cover at a 45 degree angle.

Later in the day Rhonda emailed me, Marcia, and everybody in her “Incident Management Group”. They’ve decided to reopen the kitchens and lounges on each floor, and to allow unsupervised use of the 11th floor. The former renders moot the day’s work Marcia put into getting input and preparing a kitchen use plan; and the latter means the Safety Sitter program is on hold. All this new looseness is true so long as we have no cases in the IL tower.

At 4pm it was time for Rhonda’s meeting. I and Marcia were first on the bill to describe the mask info program.

During the following section, Rhonda explained that there was now an additional staff person who could only work from home: her. Because her husband who works for a high-tech company had a co-worker who tested positive and might have exposed him.

She showed us some scary reports from Santa Clara County DPH. They have a weekly list of care facilities that are reporting cases in residents or staff. For the last four weeks, the list contained 12 facilities, then 15, then 17, and this week 36. Pandemic numbers.

Patty had arranged to get Armadillo Willy’s ribs for several people including me. However, at 6pm I had to go (supperless) to the lobby to assist Marcia. Here’s her mask info display in progress.

Marcia behind the table; her husband Kent to the right demonstrating a mask that is comfortable for a bald person. Art works provided by me.

We will run the same show every Monday during the hours when testing is happening in the auditorium just to the left of the picture.

At 7:30 I ducked out and went and had my delicious ribs and cornbread muffin and pinto beans.

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