2.007 bond day

Wednesday 12/09/2020

Not bond day, James. Just a joke on the 007.

Today was the day I and Marcia presented our mask proposals to the RA exec. committee. They were well-received. This is turning into a thing, a lot more on Marcia’s shoulders than mine. She intends a display space, a card table with a couple of easels, to be manned in the lobby after Rhonda’s meeting Friday, and again on every Monday when there is COVID testing in the auditorium and people are passing through between 8:30 and 10.

I’ve got to finalize the sale end of it, the order form I drafted. She points out we don’t have to panic, we can take orders for a few days and then panic, depending on how many we get.

At 7pm Marcia hosted a Zoom call with a group of five people (plus me), people who have used the kitchens in the past and would like to cook again. It was an hour of brain-storming on how to safely open the kitchens on each floor, which then turned into general discussion on restrictions, and on the 11th floor access, etc.

Lots of work and thinking to do about this. Going to bed.

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