2.006 more business

Tuesday 12/08/2020

Did the aerobics class in the morning. After which I went for a medium walk, ending with a stop at CVS to pick up prescriptions.

Conferred with Marcia a couple of times about masks and the new rules for the 11th floor. Our “safety sitter” program continues, but with the new County shelter in place rules, it can’t be used for meetings of people from different households (apartment numbers). Only solo activities like reading are allowed. So later in the day I put up some signage to reflect that, and emailed all the scheduled sitters for the week about the change.

Rhonda asked us to figure out a way to open the communal kitchen on each floor. A surprising (to me) number of people like to cook. How to do this while complying with the rules? Marcia took on the job of scheduling a zoom among people she knows do cooking.

On my way out for a second walk (3.9 for the day) I talked to James Alvarado, the manager of the front desk crew, and he has no problem with the desk handing out free masks if the RA supplies them. So I ordered some more masks, even though Marcia had already ordered 100.

I forgot today was the day for the 6th floor meeting at 5pm, and I napped my way right through it. Embarrassing.

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