1.365 year end wrap up

Tuesday 12/01/2020

Started to do Veronica’s aerobics but it was just a recording so I gave myself a pass. Which is stupid but somehow it feels fake to be following the directions of a recording. Went for a walk instead. Between that longer walk and a shorter one in the evening, I topped 4 miles for the day.

Worked on the model car, and solved the spark plug wire issue. I held each of the four plugs in the tip of a pair of hemostats and used sandpaper to reduce the tip of the little black “L” shape. Then I used a large sewing needle to stretch the tip of the tubing (yes it is that small) and worked the stretched tip onto the sparkplug. So now I have four spark plugs with wires hanging from them. I will later glue them in place and run the wires to the distributor. I have to look into where the coil sits and run a wire from the distributor to the coil.

Nothing much else for the day. So, let me take a minute to look back on the preceding 365 days.

In January, I was still doing volunteer work at CHM 2-3 days a week, and FOPAL another 2. On February 1, I moved from my temporary unit #435 back to my refurbished permanent home #621. A week later I bought the large painting, Leap #2, which hangs in the hall outside my unit now.

A week after that I headed out for ten days in London, a trip that I planned, booked, and executed myself, and which went very well indeed.

Those events seem much more than a year ago to me now! A couple of weeks after I got back from London, the first of the pandemic restrictions clamped down. The volunteer activities ended, giving me four days of the week to fill. Socialization ended with the closure of the dining room. And there really isn’t much to say about the rest of the year! Well, in late September I had my aortic dissection, from which I have pretty well recovered. That’s about it.

Looking ahead, I expect sometime in January or February they will administer vaccine to us elders, and after everyone in the building has received both shots, some of the restrictions will be lifted. I’ll feel empowered to resume volunteer work outside. We’ll start eating in the dining room again. and so on.

In the meantime, the pandemic continues, and likely worsens over the next months, as the post-Thanksgiving spike is over-topped by a post-Christmas spike.

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