1.364 jogging, meetings, model

Monday 11/30/2020

Wearing sneakers with street clothes because it was 41ºF I headed out at 8am and jogged 2/3 of my route. I could have jogged more, I think, but didn’t. So anyway.

At 10am I met with Marcia to discuss two issues. One, we’ve had some mixups in the meal delivery and we need to clarify some things to the volunteers. She took that on. Two, what about a resident’s no-gathering pledge for the holidays. I took that on, and realized what we needed was a poll. Quickly worked out you can do a poll using Google Docs. Set that up and sent the email with link to Marcia for comment.

At three I met in the lobby with my neighbor Eva, about her Mac. It’s a 2012 Macbook Pro and it is just dog slow. Almost anything you do turns on the “spinning beachball” cursor. I immediately assumed it was a problem with the hard drive, but when I ran “Disk First Aid” the disk utility didn’t report any issues, which was a surprise.

She has many GB of photos and no real backup, so I encouraged her in the idea of buying a new machine. I walked her through store.apple.com for buying what I recommended, the new Air, but she prefers to have another MacBook Pro, so we walked through the buying choices for that. Over to her to execute.

Did some work on the MG model. I have gotten to the point in assembling the motor, that it is time to worry about spark plug wires. This is a 1/16 kit, so the engine is big enough to make that realistic, where it isn’t really in the usual 1/24-scale kit.

The kit supplies four tiny spark plugs (actually, black L-shaped pieces which kinda sorta look like the right-angle rubber boots that I see in photos of real MG engines) and a tiny distributor with four poky little nubs. And a piece of a very fine (maybe 0.5mm?) plastic tubing. I think the idea is to slip the tubing over the nubs, but it is too small. Except maybe I can stretch it with some kind of very fine, pointy tool.

By the way, that picture shows a major mistake. The rocker cover is on backwards. The big shiny oil filler cap should be at the rear of the engine, not the front. Unfortunately I did such a good job of cementing it in place that I can’t now pop it off and reverse it. Yes, I tried, several times.

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