2.001 a new cycle begins

Update: I failed to mention that in the middle of the day on this day, came another of those emails,

This is to notify you that we have two additional staff members who have tested positive for Covid-19. Anyone who has been identified as having had close or general contact with these individuals has been notified. …This brings our total Covid-positive staff members to 7. We currently have no Covid-positive residents.

Also, another item I forgot for the year-end wrap-up post: the little patch of psoriasis that has decorated my right hand for most of this century, finally disappeared. Just went away, replaced by normal looking skin. This is only “anecdata” but… it began to improve when I began dosing it with Bag Balm. Years of dabbing on steroid cream did nothing. Two months of Bag Balm, and it was fading out.

Wednesday 12/02/2020

I received a couple of nice birthday emails, which I appreciated. I have never paid much attention to my birthday as a marker, milestone, or celebration. And especially not since 2 December 2018 was the morning that Marian died and dropped me into… whatever this life has become. I didn’t choose it; the event chose itself as “Day 1” of my “transition to codger-dom”, and that has been its meaning for me in the two years since. Maybe after a few more years, assuming I have them, I’ll want to pay more attention to the annual change of my nominal age number. Today I’m officially 78. Meh. Talk to me when I’m officially 80, or 90.

After walking (only) the jogging route I settled down to doing stuff. Paid a bill. Dealt with some emails to Marcia about volunteers. Swept the dead flowers off the balcony and cleaned out a stack of recycle stuff. And the big project, annual charitable donations.

Last year I discovered Charity Navigator, a site that keeps track of almost every charity, with detailed info on their effectiveness. Using Charity Navigator I had set up a list of a couple of dozen charities that I wanted to support, and was able to donate to all of them in one operation, with a nice printout I can use with my income tax. I spent an hour going over the list from last year and donating, more to some, the same to others. And there; my giving is done. Well not quite, there are a couple that I do separately, like the Insight Meditation Center, the Internet Archive, and Wikipedia. But mostly done.

Between everything else and a well-placed nap, there was no time to work on the model. For entertainment I listened to a live stream from Club Fox, a concert by GG Amos, a blues guitarist from San Francisco.

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