1.363 Dish walk, covid, moon

Sunday 11/29/2020

Determined to get out and have a scenic walk, and mindful that scenic walk places fill up early on weekends, I left at 8:30am and found an open parking space at the Dish Walk. Since the last time I was there (sometime in April? I can’t be bothered to look it up) it has been reorganized for one-way traffic, anti-clock-wise. So where my habit would be to walk straight up the hill and around to the dish, now I have to walk North and then East and then South past the Dish. Which is fine; and there is certainly a lot less exposure when you don’t have a flow of people coming toward you, breathing.

The Dish walk has a lot of elevation change; at least five times you go steeply down 100 feet or so, and then climb up 150, and again and again. But my body did it all and although I was definitely slowest, being passed by many other people, I felt like a healthy person all the way.

I was back home by 11:30, with 4.1 miles for the day. Mid-day I got an email from Channing House with this paragraph,

We are sad to report that we have another Covid-positive staff member. Persons with direct contact to this staff member have been, or are being, notified. If you do not receive a notification, you have had no known contact with this staff member. This case is not related to our current 4 positive staff members. This is a separate exposure that occurred outside of Channing House.

For the first time these past few days the pandemic has seemed more real, more personally threatening, than before. Coming back from the Dish walk I was tempted to stop at the California Avenue Farmer’s Market, just for fun, just to get some kind of pastry and stock up on grapes. But no; even the small risk of exposure there is not justified by those transient pleasures.

The rest of the day was the usual quiet activities. About 4pm, while talking to Dennis on the phone, I noticed a near-full moon rising and grabbed a picture.

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