1.354 Pandemic worries

Just went back and edited the day numbers for the last few posts. Somehow I had gone from 339 to 140, instead of 340.

Friday 11/20/2020

I had set up an InstaCart order for delivery between 9-11. The shopper was at it by 8:30 and by shortly was on his way, estimated arrival 9:05. So I hung around until he came, put my few things away (stuff I’d forgotten in my Piazza’s run earlier, like laundry bleach), and then went for the full walk of the jogging route. I actually jogged about 30 feet this time, just to pass a lady with a couple of dogs who was slowing me down. It felt ok. Going to wear sneakers next time and try jogging a few blocks.

What else did I do? Somehow the day went by. I did go out for a shorter walk after lunch, so at least didn’t rot away in my recliner all day. Rhonda’s 4pm meeting was about how fast the pandemic is changing.

We are helplessly watching a perfect storm developing. The number of positive cases have spiked. The number of hospitalizations have spiked. The weather is colder encouraging people to the indoors. All at a time when there is a very strong desire to travel and gather.

She went on to say she had canceled her own family Thanksgiving (“causing some anger”) and was asking the staff to join her in a pledge not to attend any indoor gatherings this holiday season. Implicitly asking us to pledge, as well, although she didn’t say so.

Per the latest guidance from the county — which has just moved into the Purple tier — if we attend an indoor gathering, or travel on a plane, it’s 14 days of isolation on return. There’s a dis-incentive for gathering with the family. The limited program of allowing in-room visits is off again, as is the limited allowance of meeting in the floor lounge or dining area.

When we had one staff person test positive in the Lee center early in the week, the people with the contractor who were doing the moving of fifth floor campers back to their new apartments? Quit. Well, not quit, but called in sick. Out of fear of contagion. Moves that had been in progress were completed by our own staff, and we are talking to the movers trying to make them understand how contagion works. Meanwhile the schedule of the remaining move-ins is in jeopardy. (Later: back on track.)

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