1.353 busy morning

Thursday 11/19/2020

After the aerobics class, I started doin’ stuff. First, clean up the apartment, put away all the stuff that I should have put away days ago, empty the trash and the recycle baskets, all in preparation for Wanda’s visit to clean house this afternoon.

I set up new signup sheets for the volunteers and passed them along to Marcia.

I wrote up a detailed note on how to keep your Mac up to date without upgrading to the next operating system, with images, and sent that out.

I got so busy I thought it was Friday, and told the FOPAL people that I would send the spreadsheet with the results for their Friday sale day “at 10”. Then had to follow that up with “…on Friday of course.”

I set up an InstaCart order for myself, some things I forgot to get at Piazza’s. Yes of course I could go back to Piazza’s, or walk up to Whole Foods. But there’s a pandemic on, and I am feeling antsy about contact.

My random collection of jeans has been bugging me, and during laundry yesterday I determined to straighten that out. I know I want a 35 waist because my one pair with that waist fit my newly reduced body perfectly. (And my weight, though stable at 161, is not showing any signs of climbing back.) But that 35-pair is a model 512, and the legs are just a bit too skinny, they are a pain to remove. I have to manually pull each leg down over my foot, instead of just standing on the hem and lifting a leg out. So I tried on my 512, my 511, my 505 and I think another one. What I want is a model 511, 35×30. Go online. Ha ha no. There are no 511’s in a 35 waist.

Eventually after considering Wrangler, I take a flyer on Bonobos. I like my Bonobos jacket and slacks I bought way back in, gosh, Day 231. Their jeans cost twice what Levi’s do. We’ll see.

And that was my busy morning.

After lunch and a nap, I cleared out for a 90-minute walk so Wanda could work her magic. Room looks lovely now. Published the next week’s volunteer signup sheets.

Put in some more work on the MG’s wheels, at which I can only spend limited time. My back starts hurting if I sit on my stool by the desk too long. There are five inside and five outside pieces, and I have to chrome-plate both sides of all ten pieces.

This doesn’t show the difference between gray plastic and chrome paint very well.

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