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Saturday 11/21/2020

Took a walk both morning and afternoon, for a tolerable daily distance of 2.9 miles. I’m getting quite bored with walking Palo Alto streets, despite it being the time of year when all the pepper trees and japanese maples are in full color. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll drive to another walking venue.

I spent an hour and a half chrome-plating the spokes of the rest of the wheels of the MG. I tried to take a picture of this process, but I have no good way to get really close to the work. I tried, with the Nikon on the tripod, but I have to reach with one hand to trigger it, or else use the 10-second self-timer, and the results weren’t good enough to put in here.

I have a small tripod which would be perfect to set on the work surface, but it can’t support the weight of the Nikon. It would support the iPhone, but I have no way to attach the iPhone to a tripod. In the evening I searched Amazon for “iPhone holder tripod” and of course there is the exact right thing, a clamp for the phone with a 1/4-inch threaded hole to attach to a tripod. So I ordered that.

I am running low on my favorite dental floss, “Listerine Gentle Gum Care Woven Floss”. I’ve used it for years; it is fuzzy and works well for the large gaps between my molars. So I tried to order some and found it was only to be had on eBay at $50 and up. A little more searching and I learned that Johnson & Johnson had dropped the product a year ago. Why would they do that?

A little more searching and I found multiple places on the web where people were listing “the 10 best replacements for Listerine Gentler Gum Care Floss”. I ordered some that sounded possible.

A year and a half ago, while I was making the Tasso house sellable, I had to install a new smoke detector. The one I picked up turned out to have a very confusing setup process. After I had sorted it out I thought, “I bet other people have this problem”, so I made a little 2:33 video explaining what I’d learned. This has become my most successful video! Forget all the meal replacement reviews, etc. The First Alert Location Reset video has had 6,800 views, and gained 98 likes and 23 comments, most of them just “Thank You!”. I got another comment tonight; they come every few weeks. So strange to think that nearly 7,000 people have been motivated to search YouTube for “First Alert PC1210”, which is the only way to find this video, and then played it.

In pandemic news, one additional staff person has tested positive. The official email says “We have not identified any residents who had close contact with this staff person… This brings our total Covid-positive staff members to 2. We currently have no Covid-positive residents.”

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