1.352 laundry mainly

Wednesday 11/18/2020

First thing I went for the usual walk over what I am still going to call the jogging route (4.1 miles for the day). For something to do in the morning I actually sat down and did some work on the MG model, the highly tedious work of painting chrome onto the spokes of the insides and outsides of five spoke wheels.

I had the 12-2pm window for using the laundry but checked around 10:30 and nobody was using it, so I started early. Laundry wrapped up, sorted and put away just after lunch.

After a nap I did what I’ve been meaning to do: went for a short walk to a nearby park and sat on a bench to read for a bit: getting the heck out of the room in the middle of the afternoon.

Oh, late edit: I forgot to mention this. After several weeks of “no COVID”, an urgent email arrived about 2pm saying, “We have received notice that a Lee Center staff member has tested positive… Anyone who has been thought to have had close contact with the Covid-positive employee has been notified…” and a bunch of things that were about to open up, are slammed shut again.

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