1.348 Jean, SWBB

Saturday 11/14/2020

I had canceled CH lunch and supper both for today. First thing I went out to the Farmer’s Market. I bought a delicious huge raisin snail from the baker, and a pork empanada from the Mexican food truck. That plus some grapes was enough food for the day, pretty much.

At 1pm I drove down to visit with sister-in-law Jean. We chatted about various relatives and took a nice walk on the Stevens Creek Trail.

At 4:30 was the much-anticipated Zoom Webinar from SWBB, with Tara introducing the team and saying how “excited” she was about the new season. It was a pleasant event from the standpoint of meeting the team, but very unsatisfying in that there was minimal info about how games will be accessed. There will be “no fans in the gym”, Tara mentioned casually half-way through. Toward the end she said all PAC12 games would be on PAC12 TV, and some on ESPN. Of course, I’m pretty confident that PAC12 TV will time-shift some games, because it’s the West Coast and there will inevitably be USC and UCLA and Oregon games on at the same time as Stanford games. The SWBB staff really have no idea what fans are concerned about, and no idea how to market their wonderful product.

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