1.349 omg I missed a day

Sunday 11/16/2020

Normal Sunday morning, well not totally normal. Took 10 minutes longer with the NYT puzzle than usual. And with cooler weather, the plants didn’t want much water.

During the morning I realized that my key ring was missing from my pocket. I checked everywhere I could think of, including the car but no luck. Emailed Jean asking her to check where we were sitting and walking yesterday. It isn’t a disaster; I have a spare mailbox key, and can easily get a new door key. The car key was a separate item.

After lunch Patty and I drove to the Baylands. The plan was to take both cars, park a car at each end, and walk the full path. However, 2pm Sunday? Poor planning; the parking lots were full. There’s much more room at the southern, San Antonio, end and we eventually got both vehicles parked legally there. Spent a couple hours walking 2.5 miles and talking.

In the evening I watched PBS Great Performances, The King and I. Which brought me to 9:30 and I just toddled off to bed not even thinking of a blog post.

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