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Tuesday 11/03/2020

First thing I drove to Piazza’s grocery for the 7-8am senior hour, stocking up on my drinks and snacks that I previously was getting via instacart.

At 11 we had the writer’s group. The topic was “election” and as I noted yesterday, I wrote a survey of the presidential elections in my life, and how alienated the many losses have made me feel from my country.

After lunch I took a 2 mile walk, ending up at CVS to pick up my prescriptions.

Evening I avoided television coverage of the election, periodically checking instead the Election Night Integrity Process with its terse summary of A.P. data. But I don’t plan to stay up past 10, so I probably won’t know the result until tomorrow. (I will say that as of 9pm, I am sad that both McConnell and Graham appear to have won their senate seats. I really thought there was a chance one of them would be out.)

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