1.338 laundry, etc.

I should add about yesterday, that last night was the first time since the dissection, that I have not needed to take a couple of Tylenol before going to bed. No pains of any kind. While walking around yesterday I was consciously noting, “yup, feels normal”. With the one exception of stamina; I do get tired faster, and find myself thinking, OK, I did something, can I have a nap, now?

Wednesday 11/04/2020

No electoral decisions at 5am when I couldn’t stay in bed any longer. No blue wave; more a blue seep. That’s deeply disappointing.

I went for a three-mile walk. At noon I did the laundry. In the afternoon I ran the numbers on the Nest Egg. It remains down about 11% for the year, but still ample to keep me in luxury.

My appetite is coming back well; I’m hungry at appropriate times, and able to finish most of my meals. So that’s all good.

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