1.336 walk, doctor

Monday 11/02/2020

In the morning I walked the exercise route, feeling pretty normal. (3.5 miles total for the day.)

At 1pm I visited my PCP, Julia Marx. Dr. Marx is a friend; she was PCP for both me and Marian. It’s just not the same, though, talking to somebody wearing both a mask and a face shield. We talked about my weight loss. I’m at 161, so down about 11 pounds in two months, mostly because of no appetite. Appetite is coming back, though; I was actually hungry preceding both lunch and dinner today, although I did not finish all my dinner. I fill up quicker than before, and have no patience with things that aren’t appetizing, like the veggies that often come on the tray meals.

Nothing much else of note. One annoying thing: she had me lie back on her exam table, and then when I sat directly up from a prone position, I disturbed the Vertigo Demon, which gave me little swoons of vertigo the rest of the afternoon. Hopefully a night’s sleep will pacify it.

One of the four volunteers who have been delivering newspapers in-house for the past few months wants to take the holidays off. I polled the others and rather than trying to cover for him, the general feeling is to give it up and pass the job back to the paid staff. So I will arrange that tomorrow.

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