1.333 another up day, genetics

Friday 10/30/2020

Felt normal most of the day. Went for a longish walk, the jogging loop, first thing. Juuuust maybe, next week, I will go out in shorts and jog some portions of that route. Well, no, I have meetings with two, three doctors over November, and I think I will wait until those are finished.

I did some practical things, for example I put together the sign-up sheets for the next week of three volunteer activities. Then I needed to get Marcia’s input on them, and found out that she and her husband were out camping this week. They own an Adventurewagen, very similar to the one we owned in the 90s and oughts. They were just coming back from camping on the coast at Aña Nuevo, and she was back in time to finish the job.

While at the hospital I had requested genetic screening for anything that affects aortic or vascular tissue. Today I had a call from a geneticist at Stanford. I definitely do not have Marfan’s or any other connective tissue syndrome. I do have a single “misspelling” in the FN1 gene, which relates to Marfan’s, but there is no evidence to suppose it would have any bad effects.

Patty and I walked out and picked up a pizza at NY Pizza, and ate it on chairs outside City Hall. She has excellent manners, she let me talk about myself a lot. <jk> Well, I let her talk about herself, too.

Her father was a major executive at IBM Endicott in the 50s and 60s. Very possibly during the time I attended weeks of IBM training school there.

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