1.334 old lesson relearned

Saturday 10/31/2020

“1.325” means there are only 40 days left in this blog’s year. Wait, you say, there are more days left in 2020. But this blog started on December 2nd, which was “Day 1” in 2018.

I woke up feeling well and felt basically well most of the day. However, I did very little physical activity and by evening I really felt that. Feeble. Lower back pain. It all comes from not moving. I know this. And I keep not doing anything, and then feeling crappy.

In the morning I walked to the Farmer’s market and bought a new 1-pound bag of jumbo slab dried apricots, a favorite snack. Also a chocolate hazlenut swirl pastry. So that was a good start.

From 10 to 12 I was a “safety sitter” making it possible for people to use the tables on the 11th floor penthouse to meet. Nobody came to meet. Several people came through to walk laps around the outside roof, though. And most of them asked how I was. I was really touched by how many people were concerned when I was hospitalized. I got several get-well cards and everybody wants to know how I am doing.

After lunch I went to the CVS in Sharon Heights. Earlier in the week I had a robot phone call from CVS that seemed to be telling me that at least a couple of my hospital prescriptions (the hospital sent them to the wrong CVS, Sharon Heights instead of University Avenue) would be renewed and ready for me on Saturday.

They weren’t ready, because the hospital prescriptions had specified zero refills, and CVS had been unable to contact the doctor who issued the prescriptions. I don’t recognize the name on the label, it must be somebody on the C/T team that I never met. So the prescriptions were “on hold” which puzzled the first clerk, but when I got to a manager she explained it. I just said forget it. I went home and sent a message to my PAMF doctor asking her to please create new prescriptions for those two drugs at CVS on University. It’s Saturday, so that probably won’t happen until Monday or later. No matter, my pill cases are full through Wednesday.

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