1.332 aging again

Thursday 10/29/2020

Yesterday I felt normalish. Today again I felt sub-par, short of stamina. I took one, two-mile walk with a long break in the middle of it. Spent the rest of the time slouching around the room feeling grouchy and low.

Well, it was Thursday, the alternate Thursday when I get a bag of fresh linens outside the door, but no actual housekeeping. Since we are coming to the weekend of turning back clocks, when I remade the bed, I put away the plain blanket, and brought out the duvet I bought last year. Also my shoes were very dusty from all the trails I’ve been on lately, so I polished both pairs of loafers, the brown and the black.

At 5:30 I streamed the first of the weekly shows from the virtual SF Boogie Woogie Festival. Maybe due to the energy in the music, I was feeling better by evening.

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