1.331 normalish

Wednesday 10/29/2020

I spent some time on grooming including using the long setting of my electric razor or shorten my hair. Spruced up I headed out to walk the old exercise route, the one that on Monday I had to abort ten minutes along. This time I went the full distance without a stop and felt ok.

Later in the day I took the car out and drove to San Antonio Open Space, where I added another mile. In between I fiddled with this and that and read. But didn’t feel the need to take any Tylenol until just before bedtime, when some general lower- and mid-back pains threatened to keep me awake. So, normalish. Which is a good state.

I had a call from Margaret down the hall about getting her new iPhone to talk to the right wifi. In the course of it we were discussing health. I said that I was feeling a lot more like 78 than I had two months ago. She says, “Oh yes, 78, that was a nice age. Enjoy it.” Senior humor.

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