1.330 up, appreciating

Tuesday 10/27/2020

Felt better on arising, and no chest pains. Did Veronica’s aerobics class. About 10am I decided to try a long walk, and went off to Midtown, a 3-mile round trip. Once there I ordered a coke and a cookie from the coffee shop and spent a long half hour relaxing before heading back. Good walk, and a nap after.

Through the afternoon and into the evening I felt “normal”, the indefinable state of not being ill. The only pains are back pains, from sitting too long in one position.

Today was the launch of the annual Appreciation Fund drive. Like almost all senior residences, all kinds of tipping or gifting from residents to staff is absolutely forbidden. Accepting a gift of any kind is a firing offense for a staff member. The reason is obvious, it would be so easy for a predatory staff member to bleed a senior resident with a fuzzy memory.

However, everyone appreciates the consistent, reliable, cheerful work of the housekeepers, the food prep, the admin. staff, and wants to show it. That’s true in any year, but this year, when the staff has had to deal with continual changes in work assignments and stress from the pandemic, appreciation is running very high.

Hence the annual Fund: put a check in a locked box in the lobby, and the total contributions are distributed evenly to all staff members. Years past, the committee that runs the fund has held a gala party in the Auditorium, with music and skits and refreshments. Not in a pandemic year; the kickoff meeting was held via Zoom. The refreshments, a very tasteful selection of hors d’oeuvres in a plastic box with a tiny plastic fork, and a bottle of prosecco, were distributed to each room beforehand.

After supper I went down to get my mail and put a chunky check in the box.

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