1.322 a monday

Monday 10/19/2020

Started with a long walk, walking what was my normal jogging route, wondering if I could jog it. Two miles of jogging, another mile to close the loop. Probably could, with frequent breaks just walking. But I’ll wait until after I talk to Dr. DiBiase on Thursday.

Had an actual appetite for lunch and again for supper. That’s an improvement. For the record, I’ve dropped about 7 pounds in the past six weeks. Did it come off my waist, exposing my abs? Of course not. My general outline is just as it was, only areas of skin on my arms and elsewhere show more wrinkles than before.

Did a little prep work on parts of the model. Tomorrow I will attempt to shoot a heavy color coat on those parts.

In the mail from yesterday, the bill from the Palo Alto city ambulance for my ten-minute no-siren ride to the emergency room. $2500. The form asked for insurance information, so I returned it with that including a color copy of my cards. Presumably it will come back weeks from now, with a lower asking price.

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